DIY Lawn Care vs. Professional Lawn Care Services in Pennsylvania

beautiful lawn with lawn care services in PennsylvaniaLife is full of choices—some easier to decide upon than others. When it comes to deciding whether to pursue DIY lawn care or use professional lawn care services that decision may feel overwhelming as there’s a lot to consider.

On one hand, you don’t want to pay for a service that you could do yourself. On the other, you aren’t completely confident about your abilities to produce a professional-looking lawn on your own.

It’s one of those decisions that you may keep going back and forth on. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, we’ve laid it all out so that you can decide what option is best for you.

Choosing a DIY Lawn Care Program

If you’re thinking about tackling your own lawn care, chances are, it’s for at least one of the following reasons.

Saving Money with DIY Lawn Care

Money is the number one reason why homeowners try a DIY lawn care approach. Whether it’s because they think that professional lawn care is really expensive or simply because they don’t want to pay for a service they believe they could do on their own, most of the arguments we hear for DIY lawn care have to do with dollars.

Taking Pride in DIY Lawn Care

While money is usually the primary driver, we do hear some folks say they like the idea of doing their own lawn care because they feel a sense of pride or of accomplishment when they completed it themselves.

Spending More Time Outside

The idea that you want to spend more time outside or even that you want to get more exercise by handling your own lawn care may have also come to mind. We occasionally hear this argument for DIY lawn care.

Choosing Professional Lawn Care Services

Now that we’ve looked at some reasons why you might be considering tackling your own lawn care, let’s look at some of the reasons why you might choose a pro.

Better Results with Professional Lawn Care Services

Professional lawn care liquid weed control applicationUsing a professional will yield professional results—results that you can’t achieve on your own. With access to professional-grade products, professional equipment, and highly trained technicians, paying for lawn care is going to get your lawn into tip-top shape.

Access to Professional Experience

While you know how to put down some weed and feed when you think your lawn needs it, do you really have the professional expertise to perform other lawn services, or even know when your turf needs them for that matter? Probably not. But a professional is trained to be an expert in lawn care. Plus, they are going to have access to resources such as soil testing that will pinpoint highly specific concerns going on with your lawn.

You might be treating what you think is a problem but in reality, only making it worse. There could be something going on underground that you aren’t even aware of and your efforts could be exacerbating the problem. And not only that, but you could be throwing dollars away. Sometimes a misdiagnosed problem doesn’t actually warrant a treatment, but just needs an adjustment in practices such as watering or a change in mowing habits.

Having professional guidance will ensure your lawn is getting what it really needs, taking the guesswork—and the risk of making costly mistakes—out of it for you.

Professional Lawn Care Services Are Convenient

Even if the idea of getting outside more often resonated with you, the truth is, life gets busy. It can be very difficult to find the time to perform lawn care services when you likely only have the weekend to work with. And even then, a lot of people realize they’d rather not spend their entire weekend working on their lawn. It’s not uncommon for folks to try and tackle lawn care on their own only to realize they’ve gotten in over their heads. It’s a lot more work than they anticipated.

Access to a Variety of Professional Lawn Care Services

lawn care professional lawn aerationAnother benefit to using a professional is that they will be able to offer an array of services. For instance, if you have excessive shade and require tree pruning to get more sunlight to your lawn, they can take care of that. Similarly, if it turns out your soil is compacted (as is common in the Lehigh Valley), you could receive aeration and overseeding to address that concern. With a professional, you have access to a comprehensive set of services that can all benefit your lawn.

How to Choose DIY vs. Professional Lawn Care Services

While a lot of homeowners approach this decision with a belief that professional lawn care services in are going to be incredibly expensive, the truth is, it’s often less than people think. In fact, when you start to add up what it costs to do your own lawn care, you may come to realize the DIY lawn care approach is more of an investment than you would have thought. After you’ve purchased multiple spreaders, sprayers, and products, in order to try and produce high-quality results, you may be on par with what it would have cost to just have a professional handle it in the first place.

Use This Tip Sheet To Choose The Right Lawn Care Company

And with a professional lawn care service comes some of the benefits that we already discussed such as better results, freeing up your time, and receiving a comprehensive approach that will also include access to other professional services should they be needed.

With a professional service, it’s possible you could even save money in the long run. When you take into account some of the hidden costs that can be associated with a DIY lawn care program, such as an improper application that damaged your lawn, you may realize it’s a better investment to go pro from the start.

Choosing a Lawn Care Service Company

Joshua Tree lawn care services sign in healthy lawnAfter weighing the decision carefully, chances are you’ve come to realize it’s not worth the headaches or the hassles involved with DIY lawn care. Because, at the end of the day, when you invest in a professional service, you’re also investing in peace of mind—and that’s an incredibly valuable asset that is enough to sway your decision on its own.

By making the choice to have a professional eye on your property on an ongoing basis, you can rest assured that your lawn is being properly cared for and getting everything it needs to thrive. That means more time enjoying your lawn for its beauty and less time worrying about how to make it better.

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