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Lawn Limestone Treatment

Fertilizing lawns and making sure they are free from weeds and insects are great measures that any homeowner should take.

However, there are many cases where lawns will struggle to have optimum color and vigor. The culprit is often the lack of nutrients within the soil.

Having a soil test done on your property is the best way to determine your lawn’s specific needs and ensure the best conditions possible. For Pennsylvania soil, we focus on lime and potassium levels.

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Limestone Application for Acidic Lawns

In order to keep cool-season turfgrasses thriving, it’s important to make sure your soil is between a 6.5 and 7 on the pH scale. Often, pH levels fall below the optimum range creating acidic soil, which prevents your lawn from showing off its full potential.

If your soil test shows that your pH is less than optimum, a limestone treatment can get applied to raise its level into an ideal state and make the soil less acidic.

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The Use of Potassium for a Vigorous Lawn

Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient to soil and applying a treatment to your lawn is similar to you taking vitamins. The nutrient is naturally present within the soil, but if your test shows that the levels are less than optimum, providing your lawn with an application will help keep it vigorous and colorful.

A potassium application assists with root growth and development, which promotes better nutrient and water absorption. This strengthened root system will not only help the vigor of your lawn but also bring back its green color much sooner in the Spring than lawns that lack the nutrient.

Benefits of Lawn Nutrient Applications

Lawns that lack proper nutrients and grow in acidic soil conditions will always remain at a disadvantage. Nutrients, whether naturally found in the soil or supplemented with regular fertilizer applications, will only get partially used by grass plants in soil with low pH and potassium levels. This can often result in lawns not being as vigorous or green as they should be.

A lawn limestone treatment will not only help your soil release valuable nutrients to your grass but it will also help you to ultimately see fewer weeds that thrive in low soil pH. You can, and should, use lawn weed control treatments to remediate weedy situations, but that is only treating symptoms of an underlying problem in the soil. Another benefit of a proper soil pH is its impact on microbial life. Soil contains microorganisms that naturally break down thatch (a naturally-occurring layer of dead grass parts). If the thatch layer builds up past ½”, it can contribute to pest infestations and other negative grass health issues.

A lawn potassium treatment will keep your lawn strong and vigorous. The application will strengthen your grass’ roots which will inherently allow the lawn to access more water and nutrients than before. In turn, this makes your lawn less susceptible to environmental stressors like heat and drought. These strong grass roots can also assist with microbial life and provide natural aeration and oxygen to the grass plant itself. All in all, potassium is a great application for maintaining healthy and robust lawn conditions.

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Lawn Soil Testing

Having a soil test performed on your lawn will help determine its specific needs by evaluating its nutrient levels. This is done by taking 10 to 12 plugs of soil around the entirety of your property to create a collective sample. The soil is then sent to a third party to assess its status.

We perform a soil test, free of charge, to all clients that sign up for a Lawn Shield program with us. We then provide repeat testing every three years to maintain soil durability and ensure the best conditions possible.

Using a Lawn Care Company for Lawn Soil Amendments

Adding nutrients is critical in maintaining a thriving lawn with healthy soil. If you’re unsure if your lawn is suffering or simply want additional success with your annual lawn care program, Joshua Tree Experts would be happy to discuss these important lawn maintenance services and how they can enhance the vigor of your lawn.

Feel free to request a free lawn care consultation with one of our experts or give us a call 833-583-8733 to learn more about how the lack of nutrients in your soil can impact your lawn care results.

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