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Joshua Tree Experts is a proud member of the Lehigh Valley and Buxmont communities. As a member of the local business community, we hope to serve not just our clients, but the areas we all call home. 

Each year, we partner with several local nonprofits to donate general tree care services and educate the community on the importance of arboriculture. 

If your organization is interested in partnering with us on a general tree care project, reach out today. We’ll donate a tree care team for one day of work to handle your pruning and removal needs.

Browse our previous charitable work below, and find out if Joshua Tree Experts is a good fit for your next community project.

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Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery

Each year in July, volunteers from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) gather at Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall to perform important landscaping and tree care services.

Having attended this event in the past, we were proud to return to lend a hand in 2023. One of our General Tree Care teams attended this event in 2023, installing lightning protection on a mature Willow Oak on the grounds.


Click here to read the full story of our involvement with Renewal & Remembrance at our blog.


Arbor Day at Saucon Valley School District

Saucon Valley Elementary and Middle School, based in Hellertown, PA, has welcomed Joshua Tree Experts on their premises for the last five years. When our Director of Sales and Marketing, Madison Malik, attended this school, JTE assisted in beautifying their new courtyard addition.

Students of all ages joined in on Arbor Day for a two-day event with three members of our general tree care team to lay rocks around the pond, rake weeds and dig up holes to plant flowers and trees. At the end of the day, each student was given a tree sapling donated by Joshua Tree Experts to plant at their homes.

Arbor Day 21012 Buchanan Elementary 065

Arbor Day at Buchanan Elementary School

Buchanan Elementary School, based in Bethlehem, PA, welcomed Joshua Tree Experts for an Arbor Day event. This event was coordinated through the City of Bethlehem, which also arranged for Joshua Tree Experts to participate in five other school events.

Buchanan Elementary already had a beautiful property with mature trees, allowing Joshua Tree Experts to host a kids' climb. Three of our general tree care team members attended and taught students proper harnessing and roping techniques for tree climbing, allowing them to soar to new heights!


Arlington Legislative Day

Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA hosts 639 acres of rolling green hills, gardens, trees and cemetery plots. Established in 1864 and beginning with just 200 acres, Arlington National Cemetery has become a nationally-recognized landmark.

This national plot is admired in American history and hosts more than 3,000 ceremonies each year. The national cemetery has welcomed Joshua Tree Experts to attend their national Renewal and Remembrance Day for over ten years. Here, two general tree care team members can be seen repelling from an Oak tree after installing lightning protection.


Bethlehem Mounted Police

The Bethlehem Mounted Police non-profit was restored in 2009 in downtown Bethlehem, PA, after a half-decade hiatus. Bethlehem's topography offers woodlands, communities and parks where horses can traverse. Not only is it more fashionable travel than a car, but the horses can be seen from a higher and further distance for patrolling.

Six officers handle these horses on a daily basis. The horses live at their stable in Bethlehem, PA, where there were health and safety concerns in the landscape. For two years, the Mounted Police welcomed Joshua Tree Experts to supply charitable contributions such as removing and pruning trees for the health and safety of the horses.


Kids Climbing Trees at Wildlands Conservancy

The Wildlands Conservancy established in 1973 and located in Emmaus, PA, holds the mission to "protect and restore critical natural areas and waterways, and educate the community to create a legacy of a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations." They hold several events throughout the year, but our personal favorite is their Summer Camp teaches local children about the environment.

For eight years, the Wildlands Conservancy has welcomed Joshua Tree Experts to help maintain the landscape as well as participate in a Kid's Climb at their Summer Camp. Here, one of our general tree care team members assists campers in proper harnessing and rope safety techniques for climbing.

Arbor Day Joshua Tree Experts (1)

Arbor Day at Tractor Supply

We teamed up with Tractor Supply Co. in Nazareth & Harleysville for Arbor Day 2023 and look forward to continuing this relationship with them. We set up a booth at both locations and handed out materials about our services as well as 200 tree saplings.

The saplings were purchased from the Arbor Day Foundation to help support their cause and included Dogwoods and Blue Spruce. These were all handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis and we even saw many familiar client faces! Planting tips were also provided on the spot for homeowners looking to add new trees to their yards.


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