Lawn Seeding Services

Lawns face many foes. Between drought damage, insect and disease issues, and the pressure of invading weeds, your beautiful lawn can become ugly in just a few months.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common to have thin or bare areas appear in your lawn regardless of how immaculate it was earlier in the year. As fall approaches, and areas of dead grass don’t recover and green back up, many homeowners begin to inquire about lawn seeding services..

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Benefits of Lawn Seeding Services

There are many benefits to seeding lawns, not only as a curative measure to lawn damage but also in order to keep your lawn looking its best.

As lawns deteriorate and don’t recover in the fall, something has to be done to fill them back in so that weeds don’t invade empty or thin spaces. Often, lawn seeding is the best answer.

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Good Soil-to-Seed Contact

Throwing grass seed on top of hard, compacted soil isn’t ideal for germination. Grass seed gets its best start in loosened soil where it can quickly establish a root system. For this reason, we perform lawn aeration services immediately before overseeding a lawn. The resulting small holes and plugs on top of the soil provide a great environment for you to get the most out of lawn seeding services.

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Ample, Consistent Moisture

An essential element required to get grass seeds to germinate is moisture. Watering lawns on a consistent and methodical basis after lawn seeding services is the most important thing you can do to get the most bang for your buck.

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Nutrient-Rich Soil

Young grass seedlings need nutrients to mature into mature grass plants over the following 9-12 months. Fertilizing lawns with Phosphorus immediately after lawn seeding services will help seedlings to get the jumpstart they need to survive, but an ongoing lawn care program will also provide the nutrition they need to thrive.

Using Professional Lawn Seeding Services

While it’s possible to attempt seeding your lawn yourself, the whole process can be overwhelming, complicated and offer no guaranteed results. For this reason, many homeowners use lawn seeding services to rejuvenate their lawns each fall.

Joshua Tree Experts offers the best grass seed, professionally applied after a core aeration service. Lawn seeding is included as one of the beneficial lawn maintenance tasks in one of our lawn care programs.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation for lawn seeding services. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your lawn, explain how seeding will improve it and help you get the lawn of your dreams.

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"They were informative and courteous. They were very careful with both safety as well as trying not to damage any plants, if at all possible (which was difficult with the number of limbs that had to be cleared from the tree). Most of all, they were very thorough with cleaning up after the job was completed. Please be assured that should I need any trees restored or trimmed in the future that Joshua Tree will be my first call. I will also recommend Joshua Tree to my friends and neighbors should they require any work."

—Bob, Allentown, PA