Considering Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Options in Lansdale, Collegeville, & Chalfont, PA

Ever since the Spotted Lanternfly appeared in Pennsylvania, an increasing number of ads boasting various Spotted Lanternfly treatment options have been popping up. In fact, it seems that all different types of companies are looking for a piece of the action! With so many homes in Lansdale, Collegeville, and Chalfont, PA dealing with the Spotted Lanternfly for many, has become a money making opportunity.

The trouble with that, is the fact that many of these companies aren’t necessarily using best practices. It’s a service that they jumped into without previous knowledge or experience.

However, you want to make sure that you are investing in a treatment that actually works. With so many different companies offering different approaches, how can you know what’s right?

We understand the confusion and the frustration. As a company that hasn’t just jumped into these services (but has been treating trees and shrubs for years), we want to provide a better understanding of the best practices for Spotted Lanternfly treatment. After all, we know that these pests are a major threat to your landscape—and to Pennsylvania forestry and agriculture as a whole—so it’s something we take quite seriously. We want to see homeowners make the best choices for treating these pests so that we can get this serious problem under control.

Understanding Where Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Programs Fall Short

It’s important to understand that not all Spotted Lanternfly treatment programs are going to be the same. The biggest problem with so many people jumping into this service offering is that they’re just going out and buying products. They don’t necessarily understand how to use it properly—nor do they necessarily even have the right equipment for application.

One of the biggest mistakes we’re seeing made is treating the pest at the wrong time.

The Spotted Lanternfly products out there have a lifespan and if companies are treating too early (by the time the nymphs are on trees and shrubs), the product will be gone; therefore, doing no good! Even if the company comes back out to treat again, you’ve already paid for a wasted treatment that didn’t need to be performed.
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Unfortunately, we see this happening all of the time. These folks aren’t necessarily trying to deceive their customers, they just aren’t educated on this pest. They don’t understand the Spotted Lanternfly lifecycle and as a result, they’re making their clients pay for services that aren’t doing any good.

Another problem that we’re seeing is a lack of the proper spray equipment. As with any pest control treatment, you want to make sure that the product is being applied properly in order for it to be fully effective. As we see more individuals jump into this service offering, they’re investing in cheap equipment that is not going to work as well as what a professional pest spraying company has already invested in.

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Finally, we’re also seeing some of these pop-up Spotted Lanternfly treatment companies using the wrong products. This goes back to timing. There are systemic treatment methods and there are control treatment methods. The Spotted Lanternfly lifecycle must be taken into consideration in determining which products and methods are best used at which times.

Unfortunately, many of those who have jumped into this service simply don’t have that knowledge. They’re wasting product and they’re wasting your money as a result.

The Best Practices for Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Programs

At Joshua Tree, our program consists of four strategically timed visits. The spring treatment involves a systemic treatment to the soil. Performed at the root zone, with an injection, it’s really effective at targeting Spotted Lanternflies early on. The product will translocate through the entire tree. When these pests start feeding, it will kill them.

The other three visits that we perform are tree-spraying visits with a product that will kill Spotted Lanternflies upon contact. Our program targets the entire lifecycle of the pest from the nymph stage all the way up to the adult stage.
Spotted Lanternfly Treatment
While four visits would be a complete program with an aggressive control approach, we are also sensitive to pricing and to homeowners’ specific circumstances. Of the three visits, the systemic treatment to the soil is the most costly. If you are someone who only has one or two trees on your property and you’ve never really had a Spotted Lanternfly infestation in the past, then we might skip that treatment and just move on to the three tree-spraying visits to help keep the cost in line with your expectations.

However, we certainly have worked with a lot of homeowners whose properties have been overrun by Spotted Lanternflies in the past. They are worried about their trees and also frustrated by seeing the pests everywhere. These clients want an aggressive approach with all four treatments. We can customize it to your needs and ensure that you’re fully covered.

Choosing Spotted Lanternfly Treatment in Lansdale, Collegeville, and Chalfont, PA

At the end of the day, your choice in Spotted Lanternfly treatment options will make a big difference in how well these pests are controlled.

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that Spotted Lanternfly is just one of dozens of different pests that could be affecting your trees and shrubs. This is another reason why it is beneficial to hire a company that has tree care expertise for all trees as opposed to a company that has just jumped into Spotted Lanternfly treatment as an extra moneymaker.
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Unfortunately, we’ve seen lawn and landscape companies with no previous tree care expertise jump into Spotted Lanternfly treatment. We have also seen this happen with pest control companies that are used to working solely inside of the home and have never dealt with the landscape before.

And even worse than all that, we’ve seen some of these services emerge from companies or individuals who have zero experience with anything even like Spotted Lanternfly treatment. This can be such a disservice to you and that is why it’s so important to research any company that you’re considering choosing. Ask what other tree care experience they have so that you can get the full value out of your investment. Ideally, you want to choose a company that can keep a watchful eye on your property and protect you not only against the Spotted Lanternfly but also against other pests that could destroy your landscape.

At Joshua Tree, we feel strongly about our duty to educate homeowners about this dangerous pest. This is one of the largest pest threats our state has seen and as tree care experts, we want to do what we can to help. That’s why even if you don’t choose Joshua Tree, we want to make sure that you make a wise choice.

This is a serious pest doing a lot of destruction in our state. Getting it under control so that it doesn’t continue to spread is incredibly important. We also believe you deserve to have confidence that your landscape is in good hands and safe from pest threats like this one. When you make a wise choice, you can gain that peace of mind.

If you’d like to have a tree at your Lansdale, Collegeville, or Chalfont, PA property assessed, or you’d like more information on Spotted Lanternfly control, contact us for a free consultation. Then you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got it completely under control.

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