Mother Nature’s Risk-Free Face Lift for Lawns

Imagine if you could just sprinkle a magic powder on your body and instantly benefit from vibrant new tissue growth that made you look seasons younger.  That’s exactly what the process of lawn overseeding – or reseeding – does for your lawn. Professional lawn maintenance companies use overseeding as part of their routine lawn health care programs. For example, Joshua Tree’s Lawn Maintenance Programs include overseeding with both our Traditional and Premium programs.

Basic Lawn Maintenance Program members can always choose overseeding as an affordable add-on to their existing package. We also offer lawn-specific overseeding as a standalone service for the public.

When to Use Lawn Overseeding Services

Overseeding is one of those seemingly-magic treatments that gets results in a short amount of time as long as core issues have been addressed. In the professional lawn care world, we use lawn overseeding for a range of uses, including:

  • Seasonal Lawn Boosts. Did you know that most grasses have very specific “peak growth” periods – typically between the first 45-60 days, at which point they begin to die off? Reseeding keeps your lawn looking “perpetually young” so the lawn looks great, even between its own seeding cycles. Depending on the type of grass you have, we’ll probably recommend reseeding in the fall, and you may decide to overseed again in the spring so your lawn comes up extra lush and without bare spots. We also advise taking advantage of core aeration, prior to reseeding so both new and old grass roots have plenty of space to breathe, eat, drink and grow.
  • Post-Pest Recovery. Did you end up with a serious case of grubs this year? Or did the Japanese Beetle population get a little too cozy in your turf? If you caught the problem early enough, odds are you’re still left with a lawn that looks a bit worse for wear. Reseeding will be just the thing to fill in all those gaps and brown patches so the lawn looks new again. Of course, overseeding can’t work miracles. If pests have gotten the best of your lawn, we may recommend replacing portions of turf in addition to reseeding the more healthy patches.
  • Weed Control. The most effective form of weed control and prevention comes by way of applied treatments. And, remember, the less weeds you have – the less weed treatment you need. A lush and healthy lawn leaves little room for weeds to grow. This is why we like to reseed in the late summer and early fall. It reduces competition from summer weedy grasses. Then, by spring time, you’ll have a nice healthy lawn – and a smaller dose of granular fertilizer and crabgrass/broadleaf weed control may be all you’ll need to keep your lawn free of pesky weeds.

It is always smart to contact a lawn care professional any time you notice unusual brown patches, thinning grass or grass that seems to be dying for no reason. While reseeding may help, you could have a more serious underlying problem that needs attention. There’s no use in wasting good grass seed if you have a pest, disease and/or nutrient problem that needs attention first. When we reseed your property, we always keep an eye out for “red flags” and notify clients immediately if we see something that needs to be addressed beyond overseeding treatment – or before overseeding should occur.

Contact Joshua Tree today, where such services as lawn overseeding are used by our experts to keep your yard looking beautiful year 'round.