Is Organic Lawn Care a Good Option for My Home in Allentown or Bethlehem PA?

Nice lawn in Pennsylvania A beautiful, lush, green lawn is important to you. But you may have wondered if you have to use chemicals to achieve it. You may have some concerns and want to feel confident that you’re doing the right thing.

You may have even gone as far as searching for organic lawn care companies near me. But, you’re worried about whether an organic program really works. You don’t want to invest your money into something that is only going to produce subpar results.

You feel torn. You ought to be able to have a beautiful lawn but you still want to be responsible and safe.

Do you really have to choose one or the other? The short answer is, no, and we’ll help you to understand why.

What is Organic Lawn Care?

These days, “organic” is a popular buzzword found on everything from food to household products. So it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular buzzword in the world of lawn care.

Going organic signThat being said, the word is thrown around a lot and often used in different contexts. What one company boasts as being organic lawn care could be completely different from what another company does.

So what makes organic so popular? Why do customers look for it in the first place? For the most part, it’s because choosing something “organic” makes them feel good. It makes them feel as though they’re making a responsible decision and they’re choosing a product that’s “safe.”

In terms of lawn care, what does “organic” mean? Well, what you probably consider to be “organic lawn care” would be a program that uses zero chemicals. There are certainly some organic lawn care companies that do that. In fact, at one point Joshua Tree offered 100-percent organic lawn care. But chances are a lot of companies that say they’re using an “organic program” are probably using more of a hybrid. They use a few safe control products but aim to keep it at a minimum.

A word of warning: You should always be wary of organic claims and understand exactly what they mean. Some companies even skirt around the issue or may be dishonest all in an effort to appear “fully organic” even if they’re not. For many, it’s just a marketing gimmick and has very little to do with their desire to do what’s best for you.

Does Organic Lawn Care in Allentown or Bethlehem, PA Work?

Herein lies the important question and also the reason why most companies, even those claiming to be “organic,” use at least some control materials. It’s because 100% organic lawn care does not work well. That’s why Joshua Tree stopped doing it. We found that if people were hiring us, it’s because they wanted to see great results. Control products are necessary to get weeds under control, to deal with damaging pests and disease, and even to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to perform its best.

Use This Tip Sheet To Choose The Right Lawn Care Company

Organic lawn care companies—that is, truly chemical-free companies—may sound like wonderful stewards of the environment and incredibly conscious about being safe. But the fact is, they’re not doing much, if anything, for your lawn. And they’re probably wasting your money. It may all sound great until you see the poor results.

But don’t get too discouraged. There is a solution out there. You can have a beautiful lawn without sacrificing safety.

The Best of Both Worlds

Joshua Tree lawn care signWhile a lot of people have been conditioned to believe that organic is the only way to be safe and responsible, when it comes to lawn care, that’s simply not true.

At Joshua Tree, we use safe products that are not harmful to the environment and remain safe for your family and pets. On top of that, we take a lot of precautions that help keep our services even more responsible. We don’t just go in and spray excessively or when it’s not needed.

You’re not alone in your concerns for being responsible and safe. We share the same concerns as you—and so do many of our many happy customers. But they’ve already gotten to the point where they realize the best of both worlds truly is possible. They not only have a beautiful lawn but they’re not doing it at the expense of safety or responsibility. Soon, that could be you too!

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