Does Aeration and Overseeding Work? Before and After Pics That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re looking at a thinned out or even bare yard every day, you’re probably growing frustrated—or maybe even a little embarrassed about how it looks compared to everyone else’s yards.

You know you need a solution but you want to make a good choice that will give you your desired results without breaking the bank.

While there are a lot of lawn care services that will help give you a lush, green lawn, one of the most important, and effective, services you can have done for your lawn is to have it aerated and overseeded.

These two services can make a world of difference when your lawn has thinned out areas or bare spots. Many people, however, wonder if aeration and overseeding actually works. The answer is yes, and here are some examples.

What is Aeration and Overseeding?

Aeration is the process of making holes throughout your lawn by pulling small soil plugs (called “cores”) with a special machine called a core aerator. By doing this, it allows more oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil and down to the root zone. That’s important because it creates a more favorable environment for the root system to grow and healthier roots add up to a healthier lawn.

lawn aeration and overseeding example

When having a professional lawn aeration performed, it is typically coupled with overseeding, which is the process of putting seed down. This is beneficial at the time of aeration as the cores created throughout the yard will allow for better seed-to-soil contact. In other words, the seeds fall into the holes and they’ll have a better chance for germination.

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Does Aeration and Overseeding Work?

While the idea behind aeration might sound like it makes sense to you, you might be wondering does it really work? Will putting all those holes throughout your lawn actually make a difference in how your grass looks?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes, lawn aeration and overseeding does work. The best case-and-point we can provide is a job we completed for our commercial client, ArtsQuest, which puts on Musikfest every August. Musikfest is a Lehigh Valley staple and it attracts thousands. In fact, Musikfest 2017 set a new attendance record with 1,196,000 attendees to the event (up 25 percent from 2016). Simply put, it’s a lot of people! And when all of those people, as well as vendors, equipment, and vehicles, trample through the grass for 10 days, it’s probably no surprise that the grass is going to be destroyed.

ugly lawn before aeration and oversseding

That was certainly the case this year. After Musikfest 2017 wrapped up, the grass was completely brown. The compaction of the soil and the heavy traffic was simply too much. So we got out there and provided our lawn aerating service, as well as overseeding with high-quality grass seed.

before and after pictures of lawn aeration and overseeding

The result? Well, just look at the pictures. If you’re asking “does aeration and overseeding work?” then this is the perfect example to illustrate that answer. Yes, it absolutely does. If aeration and overseeding can bring a lawn back to life that was completely browned out and dying, just imagine what it can do for your lawn.

How to Seed a Lawn

Of course, lawn seeding services is an important piece of the puzzle as well and cannot be overlooked. A lot of folks assume they can just throw some seed that they bought from a big box store down and take care of this on their own. But there is more to it when looking at how to seed grass. There is value in working with a professional.

lawn overseeding service

The biggest value comes in the type of grass seed that is being used. There are many differences among grass seed species and though not a lot of folks realize it, not all seed is the same. If you take time to read the label on the grass seed bag, you just may be surprised to see that it provides the percentage of how much of the content consists of weeds and nuisance grasses. The seed you can purchase at the store is simply not the high-caliber seed that would be used by a reputable lawn care company.

Of course, that’s not to say that every lawn care or landscape professional out there uses high-quality seed. We’ve been surprised to see that some of our competitors are throwing down grass seed that you could buy at a big box store. But we believe that a beautiful lawn requires the best grass seed and that means a product that is high-quality and does not contain a lot of filler.

Yes, Aeration and Overseeding Can Work For You

So, as we’ve established, the big answer to the question you’re asking is Yes! Aeration and overseeding does work, and it can work for you if you choose to let it.

But it does mean choosing a trustworthy and professional lawn aerating  and seeding service in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA that is going to give you the desired results by using top-of-the-line equipment and high-quality grass seed.

Restoring a browned out, beat-up lawn was certainly a challenge, but you can get the lawn of your dreams if you choose the right method and find the right lawn care service.

If you’d like us to help restore life to your thinned out lawn, we’re up for that challenge. We truly do believe that aeration and overseeding are two of the most important things you can do for your lawn’s health and we always recommend them as part of a successful lawn care program.

If you’d like to find out more about having us restore your Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA lawn with aeration, then contact us for a free consultation or feel free to give us a call at 610-365-2200.

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