Are You Forgetting the Lime in Your Lawn Care Routine?

If so, it sounds like you’re the perfect candidate for professional lime lawn applications.

There are all kinds of things required to grow a healthy lawn. Water and fertilizer are two of the essentials, as are healthy soil and regular lawn pest management. Joshua Tree offers a range of Lawn Care Maintenance Programs and we’re happy to provide one-time-only lime applications as well. 

Lawn lime falls into the “healthy soil” category. You see, all grass species have their ideal pH level. Some grasses, like bluegrass, prefer a more alkaline soil; Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, on the other hand, prefer things more on the acidic side of the pH spectrum. Lime not only helps to bring soil pH into better balance, it also adds a host of nutrients to the mix.

Contact Joshua Tree to learn more about adding lime applications for your lawns. Typically, we perform this service once a year, in the fall. This timing allows the soil to soak it up in time to overwinter, so your lawn is more inspired to grow back with enthusiasm when spring has sprung again.

Signs Your Lawn May Be Ready For a Lime Treatment

Your lawn may be ready for a dose of lime if you notice:

  • Summer is at an end. In a perfect world, all lawns would get a nice dose of lime in early- to mid-fall. This allows the soil plenty of time to absorb the lime before the freezing cold winter begins. While lawns don’t look like they’re doing much in the winter, the roots are actually hard at work – absorbing nutrients and preparing for another year of growth once the temperatures warm back up.
  • You have sandy soil. Typically, sandy or well-draining soils have a tendency to be more acidic. Water running through the soil takes calcium with it, driving down the pH levels. Annual clay applications will counteract this problem.
  • Lime hasn’t been applied this year…Or last year. If you haven’t applied lime in more than a year, it’s time to start thinking about it. You’ll be amazed at how much more lush and healthy your lawn will look within a few weeks after the lime is applied.

Other Benefits of Joshua Tree’s Lime Application for Lawns

When you sign up for our lime application service, we’ll throw in a few added benefits.

Soil testing. Unlike the soil in seasonal garden beds, which are amended each year, the soil under your lawn can be depleted within a few years. This leads to lawns that appear lackluster and that are more prone to weeds and pests.

We’ll test your soil to check the pH levels, and we’ll also see what’s going on in terms of other important compounds. If your soil seems depleted, we’ll recommend seasonal lawn fertilization, which provides a well-balanced array of nutrients. Personalized turf recommendations. Taking care of lawns is part of our business, so we take a comprehensive approach – even if we’re only hired for a single service. While we’re liming your lawn, we’ll make notes of anything that is amiss. We’ll let you know about irrigation issues, signs of pests or anything else that raises a red flag, and we’ll be happy to provide professional advice and recommendations.

Free advice at the ready. In addition to our lawn care certification, we have a host of certified arborists on staff. When you see us out on your lawns, feel free to ask us questions and we’ll provide knowledgeable answers. Again, if we notice something that needs attention in your trees or shrubs, we’ll let you know so you can take action.

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Contact Joshua Tree to schedule this year’s lime lawn application and to learn more about our professional lawn care services. We look forward to making your landscape an oasis.