Why is My Lawn so Bumpy? Sensible Solutions for Homeowners in Allentown, PA

Bumpy lawn grassA bumpy, uneven, or rough lawn is not only annoying, it can be potentially dangerous if it becomes a trip-and-fall hazard. Plus, a bumpy lawn may also be very difficult to mow, making the task incredibly frustrating.

If you have a bumpy lawn then you might be worrying that someone is going to get hurt or that your problem is only going to get worse. Whether it’s a few areas or it’s most of your property, either way, you want to know what to do about my bumpy lawn.

How Bad is My Bumpy Lawn?

What homeowners describe as a “bumpy lawn” often differs drastically. There are certainly varying degrees of how bad the problem really is, which will make a difference in how easy it is to remedy. A lawn that only has a few localized bumpy areas may be easier to fix than a lawn that is moderately bumpy throughout. Or, even worse, your lawn may be extremely bumpy throughout.

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An assessment of the lawn as a whole, looking at where the bumps are occurring, may also help answer the question why is my lawn so bumpy? This is important as getting to the root of the problem will help you best address it.

Why is My Lawn So Bumpy?

Unfortunately, there’s no one simple answer to this question. The truth is, a bumpy lawn could be due to a number of issues, including one or more of the following:

  • Freezing and Thawing: A thin lawn that freezes and thaws (often multiple times in the Lehigh Valley area) can cause the soil to lift and heave, ultimately becoming bumpy.
  • Earthworms and Nightcrawlers: Earthworms and nightcrawlers can cause a lawn to be bumpy because they create small lumps of dirt at the soil surface. These lumps are called “castings” and can leave the lawn quite bumpy.
  • Animals Digging: Animals digging through your lawn may be another culprit of the unwanted bumps. While raccoons will roll up a lawn in search of grubs and other larval insects, skunks are known to make small holes while digging for insects to eat.
  • Improper Grading: A poorly graded yard is a more serious cause behind a bumpy yard and can lead to bigger problems if water is running toward your home instead of away from it.
  • Tree Roots: One or more trees on your property may have roots growing close to the surface. These roots may be causing your bumpy lawn problems.
  • Mower Ruts: Are you constantly mowing in the same groove over and over again? A bumpy lawn may be the result of mower ruts created by mowing the same pattern again and again.

Bumpy Lawn Solutions

The cause (or causes) behind a bumpy lawn will help lead you in the direction of a solution. For instance, if you determine that your bumpy lawn is due to animals digging, then you may need to look into trapping the animal. If your bumpy lawn is the result of mower ruts, then you’ll want to start making half patterns with the mower, overlapping at different spots rather than creating ruts by repeatedly following the same pattern.

Lawn fertilization services

Sometimes thickening up your lawn can also help disguise some of its bumpiness. You also want to be careful not to mow your grass too short. Think about it this way—if you were to stick a marble under a welcome mat or under your mattress, where would you notice it most? The welcome mat, of course. That’s because the cushioning of the mattress makes that small bump less noticeable.

In the same sense, a lawn that has not been mowed too short and that has a layer of thick, plush grass will make those bumps much less noticeable. Thickness can also be achieved with lawn care for your Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA home. Lawn fertilization will help your grass to grow healthy and thick. Adding lawn aeration to your plan will help thicken it even more.

Working with an Honest Lawn Care Company

When it comes to a bumpy lawn or any other lawn problem for that matter, it will make a huge difference if you’re working with an honest lawn care company that is going to steer you in the right direction. While most bumpy lawn problems can be remedied, the hard truth is, some problems really are too big to fix.

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If you have a severely bumpy yard that’s due to a bigger issue such as grading (and you need it completely re-graded), then you would hope the company you’re working with would have the integrity to tell you if it’s not something they do—and also what or who they recommend to help.

Fortunately, a lot of times bumpy lawn problems are not as extreme as homeowners think. They feel some bumps and lumps here and there and get concerned—but it’s usually fixable. By having a professional on your property, you’ll be able to get to the root cause of the problem and start getting a solution underway so that you can get back to enjoying your lawn to the fullest.

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