Stink Bug Facts: 5 FAQs About Stink Bugs in Pennsylvania

Whether you’ve dealt with them before or not, with a name like “stink bug,” this is a pest that you know you don’t want lurking about your home. Stink bugs get their moniker from the foul-smelling odor that they produce when they are threatened. This smell can linger for hours and be difficult to get rid of.

We’re here to answer all of your questions about this pest, including how to get rid of stink bugs. This list of FAQs about stink bugs in Pennsylvania will cover the most common questions we receive. 

#1: Where Do Stink Bugs Come From?

While stink bugs are indigenous to Asia, they first showed up in the United States in the 1990s. The Lehigh Valley area was one of this pest’s first “US homes” during the early months of its infestation. Today, they are readily found throughout Pennsylvania along with other parts of the country, too.

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Stink bugs will live in trees and nearby agricultural crops all summer, invading homes in the fall and winter. They’ll attempt to live out the colder months indoors until they exit for the spring. Of course, that’s assuming they aren’t caught. Stink bugs are “bad hiders” and are typically spotted by homeowners in various spots in their homes. 

#2: What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Like other pests that try to make their way inside (ie: spiders, crickets, etc.), stink bugs are typically in search of food and shelter. But it’s important to note that one stink bug can quickly become many due to pheromones. If a stink bug has found a good sheltering place (like your home), it will release a scent that attracts other stink bugs. 

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There is also some research demonstrating that stink bugs are attracted to bright light. If you keep a lot of exterior lights on, it could be drawing stink bugs toward your home.

#3: What Do Stink Bugs Eat?

Stink bugs eat leaves, flowers, and other insects while outside during warmer months. But once inside your home, stink bugs may not eat anything. During their period of overwintering, they are just looking to hunker down and rest.

#4: Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Stink bugs do not bite humans or pets. They’re a nuisance pest that is more annoying and gross than anything. We know that homeowners often want to know if stink bugs are dangerous, but they really are not. They do not spread diseases as other pests can.

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Rarely, people can have an allergic reaction to the compounds released by the stink bug when crushed.

#5: How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

With any pest, your best plan of attack is to do what you can to keep them out of your home in the first place. Unfortunately, outdoor pests are constantly going to be trying to find a way to get inside.

With stink bugs, you’ll want to address common entry points by sealing cracks around your windows, doors, or siding and seeking out damaged screens on windows or doors (and patching them). Stink bugs will typically find their way in through these spaces.

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Keep in mind that killing a stink bug can release a foul odor. For a lot of homeowners, the natural reaction to seeing a bug is usually to squash it. But when you squish a stink bug, you’ll absolutely release its stench and the smell will be difficult to get rid of.

Rather than smash a stink bug or even try to pick one up (as the smell will be transferred to your hand), it’s best to carefully sweep stink bugs outside or vacuum them up (or give them a flush). You’ll want to go as far as removing the vacuum bag so the odor does not have a chance to linger. If you think one stink bug smells bad, imagine multiple stink bugs hanging out in a vacuum bag. It’s a smell that is going to linger in your home if you don’t get rid of it promptly.

You can also implement Quarterly Pest Control to drastically reduce stink bugs with a targeted approach. The truth is, despite your best efforts, these types of pests are stealthy and will find a way in. So using a service where a pest control product is applied around the exterior of your house will create a “shield” that kills stink bugs that try to enter.

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Stink bugs in Pennsylvania are a pest that you don’t want to deal with. But Quarterly Pest Control can help keep these and other pests out. Crack and crevice dust treatments around the most likely entry points along with residue spray will keep these pests away. 
One of the major benefits of this program is that in addition to the exterior barrier we’ll create, we are also addressing pest control inside of the house. So, if you have a lot of stink bugs that have already made their way in, we’ll implement the best solutions inside, too. After all, we understand that some of these annoying pests may have already made their way in, which is why you’re looking into solutions.

Plus the program is not only addressing stink bugs but other common pests like ants, spiders, and roaches, too.
Nobody likes thinking about having pests hanging around, making themselves at home. 
Whether you’ve already spotted some stink bugs or you just want to keep as many out as possible, we understand that pests put you on edge or at the very least, cause you frustration. When you’re enjoying the comfort and safety of being at home, you shouldn’t have to be worrying about a nuisance like stink bugs ruining your time.

Fortunately, you no longer have to. You can put those worries aside with your wise choice in pest control.

With a safe and effective pest control service, you can gain peace of mind that the pests are being kept away. That means instead of having to worry about stink bugs or other pesky creatures, you can get back to enjoying your time at home to the fullest.
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