A Look at Liquid Aeration for Lawns: Benefits, Products, & Cost

While liquid aeration has been around for some time, it has recently been gaining more attention and popularity in the lawn care industry. This is largely due to advancements in the products used for liquid aeration, which have improved the benefits that can be achieved. As such, more and more homeowners are becoming interested in this alternative method of aerating their lawns.

Here are some important factors for you to consider about liquid aeration for lawns.

What is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid aeration is exactly what its name implies. It’s a liquid product that provides the benefits of lawn aeration by loosening the soil and easing compaction. The difference is that no mechanical equipment is utilized and no holes are made in the lawn. 

liquid lawn aeration application

It’s all the result of the products working on a chemical level.

So how does liquid aeration work? Scientifically speaking, the product we utilize at Joshua Tree works by breaking up the bonds between molecules (which are tightly compacted in Pennsylvania's clay soil). Each bond that is broken creates more air space, which is the overall goal of aeration. This ultimately allows optimal oxygen exchange as well as better water and nutrient flow to the roots. As this occurs, the roots grow stronger and deeper, improving the total health of your lawn.

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It’s important to note that not all products are created equally. Although there are some store-bought liquid aeration products that you can pick up at the local big box store, they’re not going to be as effective as what a professional is utilizing.  

At Joshua Tree, we have been researching new products through trial-and-error for years. We’ve finally found a liquid aeration product that we believe is worthy and we’re excited about the before and after results we've seen.

What are the Liquid Aeration Benefits?

Liquid lawn aeration has the same benefits as mechanical core aeration but is able to reach more surface area of the property. When you think about lawn aeration and the holes that are made in your lawn, it’s easy to see how all of the spaces in between the holes get missed. 

With one pass of an aerator, these holes are generally about 5 inches apart, across your entire lawn. Even with a double-pass as Joshua Tree performs, the holes will have less distance (about 3”) between them but still enough that there are areas of the lawn that don’t get aerated.

lawn holes and plugs from core aeration

This is where liquid aeration can really make a difference. We are treating the entire lawn - hitting every single square inch. There are no “untreated” areas.

Is Liquid Aeration a Replacement for Mechanical Core Aeration?

No, liquid aeration for lawns is not meant to be a replacement for mechanical core aeration. There is still a very important role for mechanical lawn aeration, which has proven to achieve amazing results.

lawn aeration before and after

But we believe that liquid aeration is going to help make the results of mechanical aeration even better. With the soil already loosened, you’re going to see amazing outcomes after lawn aeration is performed.

How Often is Liquid Aeration for Lawns Performed?

In our professional fertility treatment program, liquid aeration will be performed two times. It is integrated into those fertilization applications as added nutrients. Our plan is to incorporate it into the first and last treatment rounds of fertilization. 

Liquid aeration will be included in all three lawn care program tiers for small lawns.

What Does Liquid Aeration Cost?

At the time that we wrote this article in early 2020, we are incorporating liquid aeration into our standard lawn fertilization program for approximately half of the routes in our service area. 

To apply liquid aeration requires specialized equipment that some of our lawn care trucks are outfitted with. However, our plans are to add this valuable service to all clients in the next two years as we upgrade equipment.

If liquid aeration is provided in your area, it’s included at no additional charge. If you have any questions regarding this service, feel free to contact us.

Always Improving Your Lawn

At the end of the day, liquid aeration is just another example of ways in which we are continually looking to improve for our clients. We have always spent a lot of time researching products and staying on top of what’s new.

nice health lawn cared for by Joshua Tree

We’ve actually been trial running various liquid aeration products for years now but we have finally found one that we believe is going to have a big impact and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Though a lot of lawn care companies end up becoming stagnant and fail to keep up with “what’s new.” You can count on Joshua Tree to be continually evolving and improving so that we’re able to offer you the best.

If you’d like to find out more about our three lawn care program options, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at 610-365-2200 so that we can answer any questions.

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