How To Fix My Ugly Lawn and How Long Will It Take?

An ugly lawn can be very frustrating. You might feel as though you’ve tried to give your lawn what it needs but you still see weeds popping up or bare spots where no grass is growing. Or maybe you know you’ve neglected your lawn for a season or two and now it just seems beyond repair.

You may not be sure what’s involved with fixing an ugly lawn.

For one, you may not be sure how much time it will take to fix your lawn. And without any lawn care expertise of your own, you might feel concerned that you’ll make the wrong choices and prolong the process.

It may all feel a bit overwhelming. You just want to restore your lawn with as few headaches as possible.

Ugly lawn that needs renovation

That’s why you’re looking to understand the best methods to achieve your goals. You’d like a realistic timeline of how much time it will take, as well as what actually needs to be done to get started on improving your lawn.

Defining an Ugly Lawn

Before we delve any deeper into the timeline for fixing an ugly lawn, it’s important that we define what an “ugly lawn” actually means in the context of this article. The words “ugly lawn” could have different meanings to different people, so we want to be clear in order to set realistic expectations.

The “Absolutely Terrible” Lawn

This is the lawn that has more bare spots with crabgrass and weeds taking over than it does healthy grass. The lawn is so bad that it’s going to need a complete renovation to get grass growing again. Whether it’s insect damage, lawn disease, neglect, or all of the above, when we talk about the “absolutely terrible” lawn, we’re talking about a lawn that has major problems.

The “Needs Serious Attention” Lawn

This is the lawn that doesn’t need a complete overhaul but could definitely use some big improvements. It may have a few scattered bare spots, is lacking in color, and is struggling with weeds.

bare spots in ugly lawn

The “Just a Little Help” Lawn

This is the lawn that needs just a little bit of extra help. It doesn’t look terrible. It may not even have bare spots (or maybe just a few). But it may be struggling with weeds, color, or optimal thickness. When we talk about a lawn in this category, it looks “OK” but you want it to look great.

Lawn Renovation Steps

Transforming your lawn could take anywhere from a couple of treatments to a couple of years, depending on its condition. Let’s take a look at how much time it will take to fix an ugly lawn based on each of the definitions we have laid out above.

Renovating the “Absolutely Terrible” Lawn

Within a year’s time you will at least see a difference if you perform the right lawn renovation services on a terrible lawn. But to get it into pristine condition, you’ll have to be patient through several seasons of care.

Use This Guide to Transform Your Ugly Lawn

This lawn at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA is a great example of this. After being completely trampled by foot traffic and vendors, there was virtually no grass growing. But the lawn renovation services we performed, namely aeration and overseeding, made a world of difference within just one season. Still, in order to be in truly great shape, a couple years of these services would be advised.

Lawn renovation before and after

For a terrible lawn, we would want to perform aeration and overseeding as soon as it makes sense. We’d follow that up with a soil test to see what other needs the lawn might have, followed by a full lawn care program including fertilization, and grub prevention. Then, we’d want to aerate and overseed yet again. Within two years of lawn renovation services, it will definitely be an entirely different lawn.

Transforming the “Needs Serious Attention” Lawn

With a lawn that requires serious attention, a round of lawn services is going to make a big difference. Aeration and overseeding would definitely be recommended to take care of those bare spots this lawn has.

lawn after aeration

Since fall is the best time to perform aeration and overseeding (because the conditions are ideal for seed germination), if you are looking to renovate your lawn at another time of year, you may need to be patient and live with some bare spots for the time being. Several rounds of fertilization treatments will also help improve the color and vigor of your lawn. And we can use a targeted approach to any weed concerns that you may have.

Restoring the “Just a Little Help” Lawn

With a lawn that just needs a little bit of extra help, it could be as soon as two weeks post-treatment that you notice fewer weeds. In that time, any of the weeds that might have been popping up will wilt down, making your lawn look so much better.

weeds in lawn

It may take slightly longer to “green up”. In times of the year when a lawn is rapidly growing (with ample moisture) even after the second round of fertilization, the lawn could start to look greener. In a few more weeks’ time, your lawn could already be thicker and all-around healthier looking. It’s amazing what a little bit of extra help can do for your lawn.

The Last of the Lawn Renovation Steps: Maintenance

Now that you’ve gone through the steps of fixing your bad lawn, chances are, you want to keep it that way. This is where maintenance comes into play. Since you’ve already invested in improving your lawn, you don’t want to set yourself back to where you started.

Investing in ongoing lawn care will keep your lawn in good shape so that you can continue to enjoy it. As time goes on, your healthy lawn will also begin to naturally choke out weeds and defend against environmental stressors, diseases, and pests.

Choosing a Company for Lawn Renovation Services

Whether you have an “absolutely terrible” lawn or one that needs “just a little help,” the lawn care company that you choose will make all of the difference in your results. Don’t fall for the companies that offer a “quick fix,” as it will likely only mean they’re cutting corners. Truthfully speaking, the best lawn care results take time and is not something that you can rush.

However, if services are performed properly, you’ll reap the benefits in the form of the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

This is why your choice matters. After all, you’re the one that has to live with the results. The last thing that you want is a company that cuts corners and prolongs the amount of time it takes to achieve a beautiful lawn. When it comes to fixing an ugly lawn the right way, slow and steady wins the race.

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