How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost in Lansdale, Collegeville, & Chalfont, PA?

Are you searching for lawn care providers in Lansdale, Collegeville, or Chalfont, PA, and trying to get a better understanding of what you can expect to pay? It’s certainly a valid question.

We understand that you want to get great results at a fair price, and you definitely don’t want to get ripped off just because you didn’t understand lawn care costs. We are homeowners, just like you, and we know it can be frustrating not to understand why you’re paying a certain amount or what goes into the pricing. That’s why we want to be as transparent as possible in terms of the lawn care service cost you can expect in your area.

Let’s dig into the factors that determine how much lawn care will cost so that you can have a better understanding of what you can expect to pay.

How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost?

There is no simple answer to this question. The cost of lawn care is dependent upon a number of factors (which we’ll explore in more depth) including the products your lawn care company uses, the amount of training and experience they have, and even what they’re including in their lawn care package. While some companies bundle services together, others offer everything a la carte.

Of course, the size of your lawn is also going to impact the cost as will the marketplace that you’re in. Lawn care in this area is not going to cost the same as another part of the state or even country (so keep that in mind if you’re doing a broad internet search for information). Large lawn with lawn care in Lansdale, PA
That being said, we can tell you that in the Lansdale, Collegeville, and Chalfont, PA area, the range you can expect to pay for lawn care is somewhere between $300 and $1,000 per year.

We understand that’s a huge range, so let’s dive deeper into what’s impacting the cost and how it may differ from company to company.

What Goes Into Lawn Care Pricing?

Just like any other service that you invest in, you’re likely going to get different quotes from different providers and there are some key reasons for that. As we’ve mentioned, in the lawn care industry everything from products utilized to training and experience can impact the cost. But these factors will also impact your experience and your results.

Here are the three biggest factors controlling lawn care prices.

1. Lawn Care Products Used

There’s a common misconception that all lawn care companies must be using the same products. But this simply isn’t the case. The investment in higher quality materials is going to raise the lawn care cost that you’re paying, but they’re also going to mean that you’re getting better results.

Unfortunately, there are companies that will use cheap products in order to mark-up their prices to make more money off of you. It can also be a reason why one company might cost a little bit more than another.

2. Level of Technician Training and Experience

Another huge factor that controls lawn care prices is labor. Simply put, some companies invest more in training and high-quality labor than others. If you’ve chosen a lawn care company that’ll hire any-old person to do the work, they can afford to charge less (because they’re paying their people less).

But if you’ve chosen a lawn care company that is committed to only hiring qualified workers—and then also invests in a lot of training for those workers—it’s obviously going to cost more. But it will also get you better results and an overall better experience.Trained lawn care technician applying granular fertilizer

3. The Cost of Overhead

Every lawn care company has overhead costs that they have to deal with whether it’s investing in equipment, insurance, office space, and office staff. Training also falls under this category. While you might think a company’s overhead shouldn’t affect you, the truth is, you don’t want a lawn care service that has skimped in these areas.

Would you really want a company working on your property that isn’t fully or properly insured? Or, would you want to choose a company that is using outdated equipment so they don’t have to invest in something new? And when you call the office with a question, don’t you want a prompt answer?

Honestly, this list can go on and on.

The truth is the investment that a company makes into their business absolutely impacts your overall experience (and your lawn care results, too). But naturally, that’s also going to make the price of their services higher than the company that has a few trucks and some random workers.

There are plenty of lawn care companies that don’t even invest in supportive office staff so that they can offer rock bottom prices. While you might think that doesn’t matter to you, the first time that you have a question or concern and can’t get an answer, you’ll likely wish you’d paid a little bit more for a company that can match the level of service you’re looking for.Joshua Tree team

Comparing Lawn Care Pricing in Lansdale, Collegeville, and Chalfont, PA

Now that you have a much better understanding of what goes into lawn care cost, you might want to take some time comparing pricing side-by-side. As you do this, you should consider the three major factors we discussed above: the products they use, the technicians they hire, and what kind of company you’re hiring (a tiny operation or a company that’s invested in being able to offer a substantial operation).

Take some time looking at the websites of the companies that you’re considering. You should be able to find out what is included in their lawn care programs. You might also take a look at online reviews to see what others’ experience has been like with the company. Finally, you can also outright ask the company some of these questions if you can’t figure out what type of company they are and what they offer:

  • What is included in your programs? Do you have packages customized to my specific needs?
  • What products are included in this lawn care price? Are they high-quality, professional-grade products?
  • Are your technicians licensed and trained on an on-going basis?
  • How will you handle a problem? (This is a great way to get a sense of what type of support staff is available in the office).

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost with Joshua Tree?

As we said from the start, we believe in transparency. It’s the very reason why we’re explaining what goes into pricing. While there are plenty of companies who would rather you didn’t think much about it (because it will reveal where they’re cutting corners), we believe that you deserve to be an educated consumer.

In the light of being fully transparent, we’re also not afraid to admit that we’re probably not going to be your cheapest quote. We invest in high-quality lawn care products, top-notch people, great equipment, and a stellar support staff. We know that all of these factors impact your overall experience as a customer as well as your lawn care results.

As you consider lawn care providers in Lansdale, Collegeville, and Chalfont, PA, we hope that this information will help you to make an informed choice so that you’ll ultimately be pleased with not only your results but your total customer experience working with the company that you choose. We believe that high-quality lawn care is worth the investment and it’s not something we’re willing to compromise on.

At Joshua Tree, the superior service and results that we’ve been able to offer is also why we keep growing. We’d love to make you part of our company’s family of clients.

If you’re considering hiring a professional for your Lansdale, Collegeville, or Chalfont, PA area lawn care needs, and have more questions, we’re here for you! Get in touch with us to get some free expert advice and learn more about our lawn care program options.


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