Emmaus Lawn Care Case Study (w/ Before & After Pictures)

If you feel as though your lawn has become overrun with weeds, and perhaps has more bare spots than it does actual grass, then you might be looking for a lawn care service that could help you get it on track.

That was the case for these Emmaus, PA homeowners, who had a beautiful but challenging property.

They were looking for lawn care companies in Emmaus that could help them with solutions to their lawn problems, including their weedy woes. They had an incredibly unique property in that it was part of an old quarry.

But trying to create the thriving lawn area they envisioned was going to be no simple feat.Emmaus, PA before picture of lawn

A Property that was Plagued by Weeds and Unique Challenges

Prior to calling Joshua Tree, these homeowners had already begun the process of trying to transform their wooded property. They had done a tremendous amount of work in terms of adding hardscaping and landscaping to other areas (including a pool area), and it was a gorgeous yard.

But they just couldn’t achieve the lawn they desired.
Emmaus, PA lawn before photo with pool and landscaping
The homeowner had already brought in quite a bit of fill and was trying to apply store-bought weed and feed products to try and kill the weeds and get grass to grow. But the environment was one where weeds thrived and healthy grass just couldn’t get what it needed to perform well. It was incredibly frustrating knowing just how far the rest of the property had come.
Emmaus, PA before photo of weeds thriving in their lawn
One of the primary challenges was that this was a heavily shaded property with poorly draining soil. It was also surrounded by woods which meant unwanted growth from the forest was constantly creeping in.

Picture about a half an acre of lawn area in the middle of about 60 acres of woods!

The privacy and the uniqueness of this location was what brought major appeal. But no matter what the homeowners did, it seemed that they couldn’t get the lawn they were looking for in this spot.

That meant there were a lot of yellowing and bare spots where there weren’t weeds.

Unique Challenges that Required Customized Solutions

As far as Emmaus lawn care goes, this was a property which clearly had very unique challenges. The site conditions and the fact that it was part of an old quarry all made it difficult to grow grass.

That’s why nothing store-bought was ever going to work on this property. In general, DIY lawn care can never really stand up to a professional lawn care service in Emmaus, PA. The results are always going to be subpar.

But some of the specialized weed control products we needed to be able to control the uncommon weeds on this property aren’t even available to homeowners in a big box store or hardware store. We needed some specialty herbicides to control what was creeping in from the forest!

After crafting the perfect mix to address the weeds, we also fed the lawn.

As you can imagine, killing weeds and trying to get grass to grow at the same time is a nearly impossible feat and this wasn’t something that just happened overnight. But we appreciated that the homeowners trusted the process and knew that we were making progress forward (even if sometimes it meant what seemed like a step back to be able to take several forward).

Come Fall, we performed professional lawn aeration and seeding, which was a major key to our ultimate success. While a doublepass is usually what’s needed to get the most out of this service, this lawn required a quadruple pass to help improve the soil quality.Providing core aeration for the lawn

Emmaus Lawn Care Results that Wow

In just a little over a year, you can see from the photos how this property has been transformed. We certainly never promised it would happen overnight and we appreciated, as we mentioned, that the homeowners understood it would take some time.
Emmaus, PA after photo of lawn
It’s also an ongoing process. If at any point, we were to just back off of these Emmaus lawn care services, the forest and the weeds would take that opportunity to creep right back in. But by keeping the soil in optimal health and continuing to knock back weeds, we can give these homeowners the lawn area that they so long desired.

That’s been important to them because, as we’ve mentioned, they have worked really hard to turn their unique property into something beautiful and enjoyable. A gorgeous lawn area was the one piece that they were missing.
Emmaus, PA  Lawn transformation
This was a particularly challenging property and few yards would require quite as much specialty product or have so many different challenges working against them. But if we could transform this property from bare grass and weeds into a thriving lawn, it demonstrates just what we can do for others.

At Joshua Tree, we love having the opportunity to rise to the various challenges that we see and create customized solutions. We were honored that these Emmaus, PA homeowners trusted us to help them achieve the lawn they had so desired for so long. Though it wasn’t a simple feat, we were able to get lush and healthy grass growing to help create the backyard sanctuary they were seeking.

If you’d like to know more about how Joshua Tree can help meet your lawn needs at your home in the Allentown or Lansdale, PA area, or you have more questions, we’re here to help! Get in touch with us to get some free expert advice and learn more about our lawn care program options.

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