Deep Root Fertilization For Trees: What Are The Benefits and Costs?

If you want your trees to perform their best, then deep root fertilization is an important service. Tree fertilization provides trees with nutrients that they are lacking in your suburban soil.

While homeowners sometimes assume that trees are self-sustaining, you have to remember that the soil on your residential property isn’t going to be rich in nutrients like that found in the tree’s natural forest setting.

This is why deep root fertilization for trees is so important.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the deep root fertilization benefits and why it’s something you might want to consider.

What is Deep Root Fertilization for Trees?

Deep root fertilization is a blend of essential nutrients that help to restore soil health. These are some of the elements found naturally in forest soil, which residential landscapes tend to lack. 

plant health care technician performing deep root fertilization on a large tree

When this fertilizer is injected into the soil, it makes its way deep down into the tree’s root zone where it is needed.

By delivering a high-quality liquid-suspended fertilizer, the product is ultimately distributed throughout the tree in a process called translocation.

Is Deep Root Fertilization Necessary?

While your tree would survive without deep root fertilizer, it’s never going to thrive or perform its best. It might also be more susceptible to certain problems like insects and diseases.

On the same token, people sometimes ask: Does deep root fertilization work?

We get it…you don’t want to invest in something if it’s not really that big of a deal or not going to work that well. But we can attest that we’ve seen with our own eyes how much better trees perform when they are properly fertilized. 

plant health care technician performing deep root fertilization on a large tree

It’s all about the deep root fertilization benefits.

In the spring, deep root fertilization will help with new growth, healthier roots, and an overall improved appearance. You might notice that blooms are more vibrant or profuse. Spring fertilization also helps supply nutrients to the tree for the upcoming summer months, which can be especially difficult on a tree.

Professional tree care services also perform deep root fertilization for trees in the fall, which is a critical time when trees have been depleted of many nutrients after a hot and stressful summer. Fall fertilization also helps support an upcoming healthy dormancy period for your trees as they approach winter.

How Much Does Deep Root Fertilization Cost?

Professional deep root fertilization for trees is likely to cost between $100 to $350 per tree (though sometimes, it’s more). The variation has to do with the size and location of your tree.

The larger the trees, the more product is used, and the greater the cost. It depends on how long ago your site was developed and how mature your trees and shrubs are.

We know that’s a lot more than those DIY fertilizing tree spikes that you can buy at the hardware store, but those do little to nothing for your trees. For one, they are a quick-release fertilizer, meaning they’re used up almost immediately.

plant health care technician performing deep root fertilization on a large tree

But the biggest problem is how truly little fertilizer they actually provide. It is minuscule compared to what a professional would be applying with deep root fertilization.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re also applying high-quality products. In fact, we’ve been moving more toward natural blends as opposed to the traditional synthetic products on the market.

We believe these natural products are better for trees as they have an easier time accessing the nutrients in a natural state.

Investing in Professional Tree Care

If you care about the trees on your property, then it makes sense to begin investing in deep root fertilization. A tree care professional can help get you started with this service and set your trees up for success.

Along with that, they can also provide you with valuable recommendations that will help ensure your trees continue to perform optimally. Professional advice on topics like watering can make a huge difference in the overall health of your trees.

The process will begin with a thorough inspection. A certified arborist will look at factors like the annual rate of growth, the soil and its structure, and the root space that’s available. They will also examine leaf color and size to determine the growth rate before making a determination about adding a tree fertilization service.

All trees have a general growth rate. Usually, when a tree has undersized leaves and twig growth, it means the root system is not functioning correctly. Boosting the root system with tree fertilizer will encourage uptake in correcting this issue.

Trust Your Trees to Certified Arborists

If the company you’re considering for your tree fertilization service isn’t looking at those factors, chances are they don’t know a lot about trees. There is a big difference between a Certified Arborist's approach to fertilizing trees vs. a novice technician’s approach.

By making a wise choice in tree care, you can have peace of mind that you’re on the right path to success. Soon, your trees will be performing better than ever and you can get back to simply enjoying your landscape to the fullest. 

With the right care for your trees, you’ll gain valuable peace of mind. If you’re interested in having your trees inspected and their health assured, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at 833-JTE-TREE.

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