Buyer Beware: Why Cheap Tree Removal Could Cost You Big-Time

While we all love trees, there are times when they need to come down. Whether it’s a tree that has problems and is causing a potential risk, one that is casting too much shade (so that you can’t grow any grass), or even one that has become an eyesore, you may be looking into tree removal.

That being said, you don’t want to pay a fortune. For that reason, you might even be looking into cheap tree removal. But when you shop for tree removal services based on price alone and you give the work to the lowest bidder, you open yourself up to a lot of potential risk.

The truth is, a cheap tree removal service could end up costing you big time.

As you look to make a hiring decision, here are some reasons why you need to be careful about a cheap tree removal company.Tree care team removing a tree

A Cheap Tree Removal Company Could Mean You’re Liable for an Accident

One of the biggest risks that you take with a cheap tree removal service is that they could be under-insured. It’s always important that you ask any tree company that you’re considering to show you proof of insurance coverage.

Tree removal is risky work and sometimes accidents happen. If a limb falls and damages yours or your neighbor’s home or property, you do not want to be liable for that expense.

Similarly, if one of the tree care workers gets hurt while working on your property, you don’t want to be liable for their accident or medical bills, either. That’s why you also want to make sure that any company you hire has proof of worker’s compensation insurance.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a cheap tree removal service to hire a “cheap worker.” They might be paid cash under the table and are not properly insured. Any money that you might have saved (and much more) could be lost if an accident occurs.

A Cheap Tree Removal Company May Perform Poor Work

Another concern is what you’re going to end up with when the work is completed. A lot of homeowners mistakenly assume that tree removal work is fairly cut and dry when in reality it’s incredibly complex. A strategic plan comes into play to bring down a tree safely.

For that reason, you want highly trained, properly certified workers performing this service. This means Certified Arborists who also hold credentials with professional industry organizations. These are areas where cheap companies skimp.
Stump grinding cleanup
But that could result in an accident or shoddy work, including leaving a huge mess behind for you to deal with.

Poor workmanship might also mean a great deal of embarrassment. Neighbors likely don’t want to see cheap equipment and un-uniformed workers on a job within their neighborhood. And they certainly don’t want to see a mess left behind.

The satisfaction of the great deal that you might feel as though you got from a cheap tree removal service will quickly wear off after you’ve seen the results of their poor work.

Using a Cheap Tree Removal Service Could Mean More Work Down the Road

A cheap tree removal company could also perform incomplete work which means you’ll still need more work done down the road.

For instance, maybe they don’t perform stump removal and they leave an unsightly stump behind. This can be an eyesore as well as a tripping hazard. But it can also start to decompose and become the host to unwanted diseases and pests. A rotting tree stump is the ideal place for a termite colony to take up residence. The closer that stump is to your home, the riskier it is for you!
stump in lawn from tree removal
Of course, maybe you hired a cheap tree removal company to perform some pruning or other tree work instead of removal. Their errors in these services could lead to more problems down the road as well.

For example, maybe they used an outdated practice called tree topping that some uninformed tree companies still use. Or, maybe they made another pruning mistake such as Lion’s Tailing. There are many ways that an uneducated, cheap tree removal service can end up doing more harm to your trees than good.

Making a Wise Choice in Tree Removal Companies

At the end of the day, it’s simply not worth the risk that is associated with cheap tree removal. Any benefit that you might gain in saving a few bucks can quickly be lost if there’s an accident or if further work still needs to be performed.

You’re also not going to form a long-term relationship with a cheap company.

Chances are, you have other trees on your property as well as other landscaping or even lawn care or pest control needs. It helps to hire a reputable company that you can start building a long-term relationship with and who can help you in these other areas.Tree removal technician cutting up stumps
The fact is, the cheap competition just isn’t in this industry for the right reason. They think it’s a “make it quick” business, and they’re only looking at the dollars. Because of that, they take little to no pride in their workmanship and they certainly don’t care about getting to know the clients they work for.

In the end, it’s worth it to pay a little bit more for quality work as well as peace of mind that everything is going to be completed just right.

At Joshua Tree, we are incredibly passionate about this industry. With a team that has more than 60 industry-specific certifications, we’re serious about sending highly trained technicians to our clients’ properties. And we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships and handling not only our clients’ tree care needs but lawn care and pest control, too.

Because we care so much about this industry, we really don’t want you to be duped by cheap tree removal companies. We want you to know that even if you don’t choose us for our tree services, we are available as a resource to you. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make the best choices for your property.

If you’re interested in having your trees inspected at your Lehigh Valley or Bucks or Montgomery County, PA home so that you can gain some peace of mind, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at 610-365-4858 so that we can answer your questions.

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