What To Do With Your Pets During Pest Control Visits: 3 Pet-Safety Tips

We know that pets are important to our clients. Honestly, they’re really important to us, too. Our pets are like members of the family and we care about keeping them safe. We would never want to do anything to compromise pet safety.

Of course, we often get asked about what to do with pets when pest control comes for a visit. Pet owners want to make wise choices so that their pets remain safe.

We’re here to provide you with pet-safety tips so that you can rest assured you’re doing all the right things.

1. Protect Pets During a Pest Control Visit by Keeping them in a Different Room or on a Different Floor

We know that when we arrive for pest control that your pets are likely to be home. But we just aim to keep them away from us for their own safety. It’s definitely a matter of keeping them safe and has nothing to do with not liking pets.

dog outside

In fact, the Head of our Pest Control Division, Brian Gillette, runs a dog rescue called 3 Husketeers Rescue, in his free time. If you have a dog, you can be sure that Brian is going to spend some time providing a few head scratches before he leaves!

But because we have various tools and products in our bags, and we don’t want pets like dogs (or cats) sniffing through, we advise that you just keep your pets with you and away from us while we are there.

If we’re performing applications in the basement, you can keep the pets upstairs. And if we’re working upstairs, you can keep the pets in the basement. If it’s easier and your pet has a crate, you can also keep them there temporarily. This might be the best approach with cats that could be harder to contain.

child sits with dog on grass

Sometimes, pet parents have a room, like a mudroom, where it’s easy to keep their pet while we’re there. Or, if they have a fenced-in yard, and we are working inside, they might bring them out.

The easiest scenario is when we’re treating outside, around your home, as you can just keep your pets indoors during this time.

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We certainly do not expect you to send your pet to daycare or somewhere else for the day. We can find a safe way to work around them. We typically advise that pets need to stay out of an area that we treated for one hour so it’s a fairly limited amount of time to come up with a safe location.

2. Keeping Birds, Fish, and Other Small Pets Safe

Of course, you might not have a dog or cat as a pet but rather a bird, fish, or some other form of caged reptile or small mammal.

To be extra safe during a pest control visit, you can cover up tanks and cages with a blanket or towel to prevent any air-borne droplets from entering these habitats. Or, if possible, you could move the cage or tank to another room where we aren’t applying product.

Certain species of birds do have sensitive respiratory systems as compared to other pets, so a call to your veterinarian wouldn’t hurt if you have any questions about what to do. But usually, bird owners are simply able to move their bird to a different room in his or her cage.

3. Rest Assured Pest Control and Pets can be a Safe Combination

Finally, we understand that you might also want to know: Is pest control safe for pets? We sometimes get asked this question by clients and we want to be clear that we are only using safe and EPA-tested products and also being careful to apply them properly. Our pest control technicians are highly trained and keeping safety at the forefront of their minds.

pest control expert talks with customer

After all, as we mentioned earlier, we are big animal lovers, just like you, and we care deeply about using safe products that won’t harm pets.

But we’ll also take extra steps to be extra cautious, such as the ones we’ve mentioned above. Although we really do love seeing our clients’ pets, we want to be sure to keep them away from us during applications.

Going Forward with Pest Control

We commend you for wanting to be a wise consumer and for asking questions about pest control and pets. We know that it comes from a place of wanting to be a responsible pet owner and for taking the best possible care of your beloved animals. That’s why we’re always available to answer any questions that you might have. We want you to have peace of mind and we don’t want you to worry.


At the end of the day, with wise choices, you can have the best of all worlds. That means a home that is safe from pests while also remaining safe for your pets.

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