4 Cockroach Prevention Tips For Your Pennsylvania Home

There’s a good reason why people are upset by the sight of cockroaches. These pests are not only gross to look at, but they can also carry bacteria and diseases including hepatitis and salmonella.

Roaches are definitely a pest that you want to keep away from your home. For that reason, you might be looking for cockroach prevention tips.

We’ve rounded up some advice on how to prevent cockroaches as well as some tips on what you can do if you see one. Because roaches can multiply quickly, a proactive approach or swift action is important.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

Nobody wants to worry about a pest like the roach lurking in their home. Here are some ways to keep them out.

#1: Store Food Properly

Most of the time roaches make their way into peoples’ homes in search of food. Because of that, proper food storage is one of the most important cockroach prevention home remedies.

This means always making sure that you put open food items into containers, wiping down your counters, and taking the garbage outside regularly. 

family in clean kitchen

You might also want to consider limiting eating to one room…like the dining room or the kitchen. This can make cleaning everything up easier since there aren’t stray crumbs in various rooms of the house. 

All that being said, we know that crumbs can sometimes linger in hard-to-see spots. And it’s a myth that roaches only go after “dirty” homes. Some of the roach problems that we’ve seen here in Pennsylvania have been in very clean and tidy homes.

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We don’t want to imply that spotting a cockroach means your home is messy. These opportunistic creatures are often in search of the tiniest crumbs.

#2: Inspect Packages and Other Items Before Bringing Them Inside

A common way that cockroaches make their way into homes is by hitching a ride in packages. They’ve also been known to come in via grocery bags or storage boxes (from a garage or attic). 

Whenever you bring an item inside, give it a good inspection and make sure that you aren’t bringing in any unwanted guests.

Cockroaches like cardboard because it offers both food and shelter for them. Yes, they can actually digest the fibers of this organic material. And they like wet cardboard even more as it also provides a source of hydration. This is why it’s so important to inspect boxes thoroughly.

#3: Eliminate Entry Points

Like other pests, cockroaches are often looking for cracks and crevices through which they can make their way into your home. That’s why a cockroach prevention tip is to seal off those cracks and crevices.

pest control technician inspects home with customer

This will also help to reduce other pests making their way inside (like spiders, centipedes, and crickets to name a few).

Look for holes in your screens and make sure those are sealed up, too. You can also install weather stripping around doors.

#4: Invest in Perimeter Pest Control in Pennsylvania

Even when you’re implementing all the right cockroach prevention tips, these pests can still find a way inside. That’s why treating your home with pest control products can make a huge difference.

At Joshua Tree Experts, our Quarterly Pest Control program is designed to take care of initial problems (such as some existing roaches) and then prevent future issues. It covers dozens of pests including not only cockroaches but also spiders, centipedes, stink bugs, ants, mice, and rats.

pest control technician sprays perimeter of home

If you have already spotted a roach in your home, then we can come up with a custom treatment plan to target the problem.

Going forward, we would recommend Quarterly Pest Control so that going forward you are covered. 

Of course, that’s not to say that you’ll never see a cockroach again. While our treatment is highly effective, roaches can find ways to bypass our preventive treatments. They can sometimes still find their way inside hidden in a package or even through a drain. 

But once you’re covered by the program, we are swift in taking care of any problems that arise.

Cockroach Control and Prevention in Pennsylvania

Professional pest control is definitely your best answer to dealing with pests like cockroaches. Even when you take all the right steps toward preventing these unwanted houseguests, they often still make their way inside. 

But you want and deserve peace of mind.

With safe and effective pest control, that’s exactly what you can get. You’ll know that you’re taking all the necessary proactive steps toward preventing a more serious program. After all, one cockroach is bad enough. The last thing that you want on your hands is a full-blown infestation.

But with pest control, instead of worrying about these invaders, you can relax knowing you have a professional on your side…and you’re in good hands.

If you're interested in learning more about pest control services for your Pennsylvania home, contact us for a free pest control quote or give us a call at 610-365-4858 so that we can answer your questions.

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