The Benefits of Tree Removal During Winter

Do you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed? While trees are really important to all of us and we know the value that they hold, tree removal can become a necessity when a tree is dead, diseased, damaged, or compromised in some other way.

That’s why you might be wondering when is the best time for tree removal?

We find that many commercial property managers and homeowners are pretty surprised to learn that tree removal in winter is a great option. It’s a time of year when many people aren’t thinking much about their property. But it can be a wise choice to have a tree removed during the winter season.

Let’s explore why we often remove trees in the winter and why it might make sense for your property.

Why Remove Trees in the Winter?

While it’s true that tree removal is a year-round business and can be performed at any time, there are some key benefits to winter tree removal.
technician removing tree

1. Tree Removal is Easier When Trees are Dormant

Dormant trees are leafless and easier to manage. A Certified Arborist will be more successful at cutting and handling branches. They’re overall lighter and they also create significantly less debris in the truck. You’d be shocked how much room leaves take up!

Without the leaves on the tree, it’s also easier for the Certified Arborist to see the branches and to work around the tree.

Honestly, this also makes the winter an ideal time for a tree inspection service. While a trained eye will be able to spot cracks and problems even when leaves are on the tree, there’s no arguing that without the leaves there, an inspection is easier.

2. When the Ground is Frozen, Tree Removal Can Go Smoother

Beyond the benefits of the tree itself, it’s also worth mentioning that the ground being frozen creates an ideal situation to remove trees in winter. That means that even evergreen trees, like pines, which don’t lose their leaves, could still be ideally suited to winter removal.

tree being cut and removed

Here’s why.

When we’re crossing over a yard with equipment, it can naturally create some ruts or divots in the yard. But this is less likely to happen in the winter when the ground is frozen. Sometimes it also allows much easier access. You might have put furniture away, closed up a pool, or stored any sports equipment—and that more “bare” yard might be easier to access during the winter.

The frozen ground also helps other plants in your yard to stay in place. As we remove a tree, we always want to minimize disturbances to the surrounding area as much as possible. The frozen ground can naturally assist with that.

3. You’ll Get Ahead of Storm Concerns

If you have a tree that you suspect might need to be removed, it definitely makes sense to ensure it’s done ahead of any winter storms that could be headed our way. High winds, ice, and snow can create conditions that make storm damage more likely. The last thing that you want is to be constantly worrying that you should have had a tree removed. When in doubt, definitely have your tree inspected ahead of a storm.

When Tree Removal Cannot Wait

Although we might say that winter is the best time of year for tree removal for some of the reasons we’ve mentioned, the truth is, sometimes tree removal cannot wait. If you have a tree that is actively decaying, has some sort of structural damage, or is suddenly leaning, your tree removal needs should be addressed swiftly.

Therefore, in cases of serious issues, the best time to have a tree removed is ASAP.

A lot of times people tell us they don’t know if their tree is a hazard. We’ve written an article on this, but in summary, some of the signs to watch for include the following:

  • Hanging, broken or damaged limbs
  • Dead limbs
  • Changes in the bark
  • A sudden lean
  • Root damage

These signs could indicate that you need to act quickly and have your tree inspected. Tree removal is not always the necessary answer. There are other services like cabling or bracing or even structural pruning that could solve your issue. But you should not delay in having a professional inspection performed and ensuring that you’re ahead of the issue. Broken tree from storm damage

Hiring a Tree Removal Service

When it comes to hiring a tree removal service, you want to feel confident that they have extensive experience and will remove your tree in a safe and effective way.

The truth is, not all tree services are created equally. But this is not an area where you can not afford to end up with an unqualified professional. After all, removal work is dangerous and comes with a lot of risks and you need to be able to feel confident it will be performed properly.

At Joshua Tree, we employ ISA Certified Arborists who can evaluate your tree needs and help you develop a customized plan of action. If that includes an active hazard that warrants an urgent tree removal, we will discuss any potential to expedite scheduling of this service.

While choosing a tree removal service is a big decision, we don’t want you to stress. We’re here to help guide you in the process and answer any questions that you may have. Ultimately, by choosing wisely, you can cast aside your worries and gain the peace of mind that your tree removal needs will be properly met.

If you’d like to have a tree on your Pennsylvania property assessed, contact us for a free consultation. Then you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got it completely under control.

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