Treatment and Management

When a Certified Arborist arrives on site, they employ a systematic approach, considering many factors, beginning with thorough evaluation of the site. Then, bringing your areas of concern into focus, they will:

Properly identify the species
Uncover patterns of abnormality
Note premature leaf and needle size/color
Inspect the trunk and scaffolding limbs
Examine the root collar and root zone throughout the surrounding soil

Tree Insect Treatment

The most common cause of stress and decline - insect infestation - can deal a death blow in a single season! Your Joshua Tree Certified Arborist will properly identify the insect(s) involved, and recommend beneficial control procedures. Applying EPA registered products with cutting edge methods such as: soil and trunk injections, macro-infusion and foliar applications, our Certified Technicians can eradicate pests leaving your property insect free!

Tree Disease Treatment

In addition to the harm insects do on their own, they can also transfer disease from one tree to another, perpetuating the damage. Identifying diseases accurately requires an expert, and treatment is specific and individual depending on the species, location and size of tree. In some cases, pruning equipment must even be cleaned after every cut to prevent the spread of disease!

Preventing disease and insect infestation is always the best course of action. Use the expertise of Joshua Tree to ensure your shrubs and trees remain free of these harmful disorders! 

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